A fabulous class for your toddler aged 3-4 Years!

"It’s great seeing his progression with the songs and instruments and the socialising with all children."

- ​ Esmeralda - Google Review

Music is Fun is our pre-introductory piano class for ages

3 - 4 years and is the next stage up from Jungle Music.

Your child will learn musical skills and explore their concepts while engaging in lots of fun activities. The children play interactive games, sing songs and will ultimately learn where to place their hands on the piano.

About Music is Fun!

Like all Forte courses, the Music is Fun course was developed by a team of early childhood educators and development specialists so all of the tasks are age appropriate and are most effective for learning music.

This is supported with a fabulous easy to follow work book. It is full of activities that keep your child engaged and happy while learning important musical aspects.

Why now?

​Music is Fun is a vital link in order to prepare the children for our piano classes, 'Junior Keys', once they've finished Jungle Music.

It continues the development of the child’s musical creativity, which therefore continues to help with all the other brain functions such as speech and social development.

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