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At Forte we offer Singing lessons from ages 5+ including adults. All abilities are welcome as the lessons are tailored to each individual. What you learn during your singing lessons is completely your choice. Our singing teacher will plan your lesson around you and what you would like to achieve. In your singing lesson we will focus on:

- Repertoire

- Breathing techniques

​- Voice control

- Reading music

- Increasing your vocal range

- Phrasing and expression

- Performing your favourite songs, from any genre.

Why Singing Lessons?

Singing lessons can provide many advantages for individuals of any age who want to improve their singing abilities or develop their vocal skills. Here are some of the advantages of taking singing lessons:

  • Develop better vocal technique: Singing lessons can help individuals learn proper vocal technique, including breathing, posture, resonance, and diction. A trained voice teacher can help students improve their vocal range, tone, and projection.

  • Increase confidence: Learning to sing better can help individuals build confidence in their abilities. With regular practice and feedback from a teacher, students can develop a greater sense of self-assurance in their singing abilities.

  • Improve overall musical skills: Singing lessons can also help individuals improve their overall musical skills, including pitch, rhythm, and timing. Learning to sing can also help students develop their ear training and music theory knowledge.

  • Reduce stress: Singing has been shown to have stress-reducing benefits. Singing lessons can provide a positive outlet for stress relief, allowing students to express themselves creatively and emotionally.

  • Expand repertoire: With improved vocal skills, students can expand their repertoire and sing a wider range of songs and genres.​

  • Prepare for performances: Singing lessons can help individuals prepare for performances, auditions, or competitions. A voice teacher can provide valuable feedback and guidance on how to improve vocal technique, stage presence, and overall performance.

Overall, singing lessons can help individuals develop their vocal abilities, build confidence, reduce stress, and improve their overall musical skills.

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