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What Piano Classes are on offer:

  • Junior Keys Course (5 - 7 years keyboard/piano course)

  • Piano Keys Course (8 - 11 years piano/digital/keyboard)

  • Creative Keys Course (Continuing from Piano Keys)

About Forte Piano Classes:

Your son or daughter can experience the unique nature of our Junior Keys classes (for children aged around 5 to 7) or our Piano Keys classes (for children aged around 8 to 11) with a Free Trial Class. These classes are designed to provide your child with a fun and engaging introduction to music, as well as to develop foundational music skills that will serve your child well throughout his/her musical journey.

About Forte Piano Class:

  • Age-appropriate curriculum: The Junior Keys and Piano Keys classes are designed specifically for the developmental needs of young children. The curriculum includes games, songs, and activities that are engaging and fun, while also teaching fundamental music concepts and skills.

  • Group learning: Both Junior Keys and Piano Keys classes are taught in a group setting, which encourages social interaction, teamwork, and the development of performance skills. Group learning can also help students stay motivated and engaged in their music studies.

  • Highly trained teachers: The teachers at Forte School of Music are highly trained and experienced in teaching music to young children. They use a variety of teaching methods and approaches to meet the diverse learning needs of their students

  • Technology integration: Forte School of Music uses a range of technology tools to enhance the learning experience for their students. This includes large floor keyboard mats, digital keyboards, and computer software that can help students develop their music skills in a fun and engaging way.

  • Focus on creativity and expression: The Junior Keys and Piano Keys classes encourage students to express themselves through music, fostering creativity and individuality. This can help students develop a love for music that will stay with them for a lifetime.Overall, the Junior Keys and Piano Keys classes at Forte School of Music provide a unique and effective approach to teaching music to your children. They offer a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate curriculum, taught by highly trained teachers, with a focus on creativity, expression, and performance.

Why Piano Classes?

In general, "piano classes" and "piano lessons" can be used interchangeably to refer to the same thing, which is a course of instruction in playing the piano. However, if we assume that "piano classes" refers to a more structured and comprehensive approach to learning the piano, there are several potential advantages:

  • Consistent progression: In a piano class, students are typically taught in a structured manner that builds on the skills they have already learned. This means that they progress at a steady pace and are less likely to hit plateaus or become frustrated with their progress.

  • Social interaction: Piano classes often involve group learning, which can be beneficial for students who enjoy social interaction and learning from others. Group learning can also help students develop teamwork and collaboration skills.

  • More comprehensive instruction: Piano classes may cover a wider range of topics and techniques than individual piano lessons. This can provide students with a more well-rounded education in piano playing.

  • More opportunities to perform: In a piano class, students may have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers or in public recitals. This can help them build confidence and develop their performance skills.

  • Cost-effective: Depending on the format and structure of the class, piano classes may be more cost-effective than individual piano lessons.

Overall, whether you choose to take piano classes or individual lessons depends on your personal preferences and learning style. Some students may thrive in a structured class environment, while others may prefer the one-on-one attention of individual lessons.

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